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The Small Print.........





1.       Guest Numbers Condition - Pay Bar Customers - You will have a minimum number of guests attending your event throughout the day. The minimum number required will vary dependant on the offer published on our websites at the time of booking. You will be informed of the minimum number required to qualify for the free hire offer at the time of making your initial enquiry.


2.       Consumption of own drinks condition - Pay Bar Customers - Guests are required to purchase their drinks from the bar we provide for your event. This means that guests are not permitted to bring their own drinks for consumption at the venue. This is a licensing condition for which we retain responsibility. We reserve the right to confiscate unauthorised drinks or remove them from the premises.


3.       Reception/arrival drinks arranged by either you or another provider are permitted providing they are for consumption during the pre-meal period. We would ask that you inform us if this is the case in advance so that we know what arrangements have been made. Table wine and all other table drinks including drinks for toasting arranged by either you or another provider are permitted providing they are for consumption during the meal only. We would ask that you inform us if this is the case in advance so that we know what arrangements have been made.  All other drinks provided for your event must be supplied by us.



Special orders requests for specific drinks must be made at least 14 days prior to your event date.


Pay Bar Customers - We are responsible for the operation of your bar in accordance with the licensing act 2003. This means that the premises used for the event, including marquees or private houses, will have been licensed to permit the retailing of alcohol for the duration of the event and the licensing law will be in operation. If no such license exists for the premises the bar will not be permitted to open. A copy of the license must be available for inspection upon our arrival. If you have selected our license application service we will carry a copy of the license with us.


7.       Pay Bar Customers - We operate a strict policy on underage drinking. Guests that appear to be under 21 years of age may be challenged for photo I.D. in an acceptable format. Acceptable formats include driving licenses, passports or pass approved I.D. cards.


8.       Pay Bar Customers - Your free hire booking is subject to a refundable security deposit of £100.00. Your payment will be cashed or debited at the time of making your booking and will be refunded to you on the date of you event taking place. The refund can be in the form of credit to use over the bar or to be paid back to you as it has been paid to us.


9.       Deposits will be retained in the event of cancellation of your booking.


10.   A surcharge of £200.00 will apply to all hirers in the event of cancellation of the event and no notice being given to us in advance resulting in our arrival at the venue as booked.


11.   Pay Bar Customers - Deposits will be retained should your event breach conditions 1 and 2 above.


12.   Bar equipment hire prices include an optional damage waiver which if selected will mean that you will not be liable for any loss or damage to the equipment hired from us. If you choose not to include the waiver you will be responsible for returning the equipment in the same condition as at the time of hire and any repair costs incurred will be the responsibility of the hirer.


13.   Access - You will be required to ensure that we have access to the venue at the time we agree with you for the installation of your bar hire equipment. You must inform us in advance if there are restrictions to the venue access such as time restrictions, parking restrictions or car park height restrictions.


HOGROAST AND PULLED PORK : TERMS & CONDITIONS                                                                                                                                                                                




1.a all bookings must be secured by a 25% non refundable deposit, this must be paid within 7 days of receiving a confirmation of booking /invoice.


1.b the remaining balance is payable in full 14 days prior to the function date.


1.c all payments must be cleared by the function day.


1.d any amendents to the booking must be made in writiting 4 weeks before the function.


1.e we can not accept un cleared cheques on the the function day.


1.f Cancellations made any later than four weeks before the function will incure a 100% fee.


1.g we shall make all reasonable efforts to perform our obligation under contract but will not be liable for any failure to delay or perform any part of the contract resulting in factors outside our control.


1.h we cannot be held responsible for any adverse weather conditions resulting in non fulfilment of the contract.


1.i we understand, and will exercise our statutory right to interest under late payment of commercial debts (intrest) Act 1998 if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.


1.j a late payment fee of £25.00 will be added to any outstanding monies.


1.k all quotations are valid for 14 days


1.l quotations can, and may, be subject to change.


1.m if the event is based on the client selling tickets, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the numbers are met. We will not reduce the numbers which originally been quoted for.


2.0 logistics:

2.a a parking space is required at the function, with ease of access to the cooking area.


2.b all parking permits/fees are to met by the client.


2.c hog roast provided on a self carve basis(without a chef) must be supervised at all times.


2.d all machines booked on a DIY hire/self carve are to be cleaned prior to collection.


2.e if the function location has any stairs or narrow opening, we may require assistance. Please ensure the area where we will need access for loading/unloading is clear from any obstrunction. and safety IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION.


3.a there is a very small risk of fire in line with what can be expected with any equipment that uses a naked flame. If the flame become uncontrollable please swith OFF immediately. Cover meats or machine in damp cloths.


3.b children and pets must be kept away from all equipment at all times as the hog roast equipment will be hot during and after use.


3.c always use the gloves provided.


Terms and conditions acceptance of conditions

The customer's acceptance of the equipment on hire implies of our conditions of hire as given below.


4.0 retention of title

All goods remain the absolute property of  ALMIGHTY PINEAPPLE, and the customer undertakes not to sell, offer to sell , assign mortgage, charge , pledge or underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the equipment: nor allow any lien to be created on the equipment.


5.0 insurance to cover loss or damage:

The customer assumes complete responsibility for loss or of damage to the hire equipment (other than fair wear and tear) from time the equipment leaves the company's premises or transport, until it is returned to same. To this end, it is a condition of hire that the customer will arrange insurance cover to provide for the risks of: theft, fire, accidental damage, personal injury and public liability, and in addition the customer will indemnify the company against any said risks.

Value for insurance purposes should be valued at £2,000.00. ALMIGHTY PINEAPPLE reserve the right to change insurance amounts at any time to the current market value.


6.0 law

English law in the courts of England shall govern this contract.


7.0 Payment endnote: all deposits/bookings taken confirm that you have agreed with the above terms.